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"We Treat Other People's Cattle As If They Were Our Own!"

The Briggs Difference

The first thing you’ll notice about Briggs Feed Yard is how clean the facility is.  The next thing you’ll notice is our size.  We are not a huge commodity feeding operation where your cattle will be lost in the numbers.  Our Primary focus is optimum feedyard performance that results in a quality beef product for our clients.  Many customers believe we are the ideal size.  We know our customers and we know their cattle.  When you call, we will know who you are and where your cattle are.  We think that’s important.

Full Service

Briggs provides all services from procurement, to value-based marketing, risk management and commodity cost management. Feeder and Feed Financing at very competitive rates.

We have consulting veterinarians and a consulting nutritionist on staff.  We are much more than just a cattle feeder. We are your partner in business and you’ll find our door is always open.

Higher Quality Beef

Briggs Feed Yard is on the cutting edge of a new approach to finishing beef.  We are capable of producing the highest quality beef.  It begins with high quality cattle – beef cattle that have the potential to command top dollar.  We apply an intense hands-on management technique, utilizing advanced diagnostic technologies, custom rations and an understanding of value-based marketing concepts.  It means a greater commitment on our end.  It requires us to be here watching over all aspects of the finishing of your cattle.  But the end result is a higher quality product capable of commanding premium prices.

Value Based Marketing

Beef continues to face growing competition from alternative sources of food protein.  For beef to retain its status as a premium product it needs to live up to consumer expectations.  There is a growing movement in the beef industry toward a value-based market in which beef prices are determined by the quality of the beef and the ability of the seller to market it as such.  We are positioned to help you take advantage of new opportunities in this growing market.  We have invested considerable time, effort and capital to establish a presence in this new market.  We can put you in a position to get the maximum price for your cattle. Briggs Feed Yard is a Power Genetics Program feed yard!

The Latest Technology

We are always looking to produce better beef.  Our computerized processing and management system tells us where every animal is, what its eating and how its progressing.  The latest high-tech evaluation tools enable us to sort cattle to different marketing groups for the highest possible return on your investment.

Good Location

Located in the heart of grain production country, Briggs Feed Yard procures grain from local producers and utilizes corn by-products from a nearby ethanol producer to achieve an excellent return on ration investment.  Five different packing houses within a 150 mile radius create a competitive market for bidders of high quality beef, packers include the following:

• JBS Swift & Co.: Grand Island

• Tyson/IBP: Lexington

• Excel: Schuyler

• Grater Omaha: Omaha

• Nebraska Beef: Omaha

Family History

The Briggs family began finishing cattle in 1935.  Rex Briggs started the operation just outside Seward, Nebraska and his sons Bill and Bob took over management of Briggs Feed Yard in the late 70’s.  Today, the third generation of the Briggs family, Mike Briggs, is involved in the business and marketing aspects of the feed yard.  We’ve seen a lot of things change over those years.  But through it all, we’ve held fast to the Briggs family philosophy – “we treat other people’s cattle as if they were our own.”


Capacity: 10,000 Head

Pen Size: Range from 50-250

Cooling: Most pens are equipped with sprinklers.

Drainage: All pens are well sloped for good drainage.

Technology: The latest in diagnostic, progress monitoring and projection equipment.

Health: Consulting veterinarians on staff.

Nutrition: Consulting nutritionist on staff.


Contact Mike Briggs • Briggs Feedyard Inc

3044 Alvo Road • Seward, NE 68434-7526 • P: 402.643.2303F: 402.643.6806